Bereaved Parents of the USA

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Chapter

Telephone Friends

Kathy & Don Beck      Son:  Michael, 15yr      (Cardiomyopathy)  208-773-5684

Rhonda Harvitt       Son:  Josh, 20yr      (Cancer)   208-762-1406

Judy Stebbins       Son:  Jamie, 24yr    (Leukemia)   208-765-2788

Aggi & Dick Draben        Son:  Rich, 25yr    (Suicide) 208-772-4164

Janet Cleveland      2 infant sons:      (Disease & SIDS)   208-276-3118

Jennifer Bickle       2 infants of triple birth       208-818-5902

John Motley       Daughter:  Katie Joy, 3 1/2yr    (Heart-Birth Defect) 208-771-0515

Bill & Sue Sturgeon     Son:  Bob, 40yr     (Car Accident)   208-765-1533

Carla Dvoracek    Son:  Eric, 28yr    (Plane Accident)  208-777-1513


Coeur d’Alene  Chapter Bereaved Parents of the USA located in North Idaho

Phone: 208-773-5684 / 208-765-1406

E-mail:        OR

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Text Box: We publish a monthly newsletter.  This newsletter contains poems and writings by bereaved parents, family members and professionals.  The newsletter can be dedicated to your loved one or they can be memorialized  on our heart page.  There is no charge for the newsletter.  Contact us for a copy or to be put onto our mailing list.

Mailing Address:
Coeur d’Alene Chapter Bereaved Parents USA
PO Box 3504
Coeur  d’Alene, ID  83816
Email:  and/or

We welcome articles and dedications for the newsletter at any time, but if you want to see them in the next month’s newsletter they need to be submitted and reach us by the 25th of each month.   
Your submissions of articles or poems can be mailed to our main address: PO Box 3504, Coeur d'Alene, ID  83816 or emailed to the editor at 
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Support Meetings:

Third Thursday of the month, 7pm, St. Pius Church, Room #3

625 E. Haycraft Ave, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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